City Tours 8 days 7 nights in Switzerland

8 Days

“Indulge in a spectacular 8-day, 7-night expedition through Switzerland’s most captivating cities – Zurich, Lucerne, Aarau, Bern, and Basel. This immersive tour promises an in-depth exploration of the country’s diverse cultural and natural treasures.

Our journey begins in Zurich, where you’ll delve into the city’s rich history, vibrant arts scene, and exceptional culinary delights. From there, Lucerne awaits with its fairytale-like charm, nestled against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps. You’ll stroll across the iconic Chapel Bridge and soak in the breathtaking views.

Aarau, our next stop, will transport you back in time with its beautifully preserved old town and a relaxed pace of life. Savor Swiss specialties and explore local markets as you soak in the ambiance.

In Bern, Switzerland’s capital, you’ll uncover the nation’s political heart and its UNESCO-listed medieval old town. Marvel at the stunning Zytglogge clock tower and immerse yourself in Swiss heritage.

Basel, our final destination, offers a dynamic blend of contemporary culture and historic treasures. Explore world-renowned art galleries, picturesque Rhine riverbanks, and vibrant markets.

As we journey between these remarkable cities, you’ll be treated to scenic drives that reveal Switzerland’s awe-inspiring landscapes, from pristine lakes to majestic mountains.

Join us on this extraordinary 8-day, 7-night Swiss adventure, where the past meets the present, and natural beauty surrounds you at every turn. Book your tour now and embark on a journey through the heart of Switzerland!”


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City Tours 8 days 7 nights in Switzerland
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